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Charles Schumer
  Senator Schumer on Senate Impeachment Trial  CSPAN  January 24, 2020 1:08am-1:21am EST

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provided why shouldn't the president declassify that? >> i will not discuss national security measures. >> look. here is the situation. the senator sets the rules. our job is to play by the rules they set. if they want to go to ours great or eight hours this is the way it is. i am confident that whether it is saturday or monday or tuesday the case will be made defending the president. i have no doubt. thank you. >> thank you. once again the house managers
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did a masterful presentation it was cogent and to the point most of all developing facts and doing something else that i really think will serve very well. they are preempting the senate i'm sorry that president lawyers who we know will make false arguments and they are meeting those arguments before the employer's lawyers get the chance they made it crystal clear you don't need a crime to remove the president under the impeachment clause. point number two they made it crystal clear nothing through any kind of allegation into hunter biden or joe biden doing anything wrong with the burisma. and number three they made it very clear that it was russi
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russia, not ukraine interfered in the election. so with all the false and theories but the house managers put a knife through the heart of those false arguments ahead of time. they will do more and i think that will help make the case. one other point. we need the relevant witnesses and documents. we are standing by the four witnesses and the four sets of documents that we need. we are not trading we are not whittling down the list. this for all very important
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and if we want a fair trial to bring out the evidence the best way to go is the four witnesses we asked for in the four documents. we are making good progress. every day more and more of the public is washington democrat republicans are saying have a fair trial so i am more hopeful than ever that conscientious and brave republicans will come forward to tell mitch mcconnell you cannot shut this down without witnesses or documents. one other point this morning the republicans said they heard nothing new but they are the ones that voted against new documents and new witnesses a new fax you cannot have it both ways. >> democrats and republicans talk to one another i will not
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get into any specific conversation happens among members ahe amo members all the time. >> have the mines been changed i think when chairman schiff concluded last night almost every republican is focused on what he was saying. i think this is the first time that many republican senators hearing the whole case from start to finish laid out specifically and clearly with granularity i think a lot of senators got their story in snippets from fox news they also left out facts that were incriminating to the president and sometimes were distorted so what happens in that room
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sometimes will have a little bit of magic weighing heavily on the republicans and they will say at least we need a fair trial or documents and witnesses there is a new poll this morning it got even higher. >> i have seen the supplemental testimony i cannot comment. it is classified i am not sure it should be classified. i agree with the house managers to declassify it. so i cannot comment on it. >> that would be up to the house managers they have not made a decision. >> lindsey graham said we have to hear from joe biden.
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we need to get to the bottom of it. >> the bottom line is the key issues here are number one, why was the aid withheld and who withheld it? and number two who suggested holding back? we know the president on all of the information. joe biden has no relationship. the republican strategy is they can't answer the questions. they can't answer the facts. they can't answer the house managers. every day it is a new shiny object when they focus on jerry nadler. one day focus on joe biden. none of them have any relevance to the charges against the president. thank you everybody.
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[inaudible conversations] spirit trying to explain how joe biden even though his son with no experience was put on the board of burisma but they want to act like while joe biden was vice president all he was doing was implementing us policy he had nothing to do with it just something he was doing for his job. so i think what they figured out they have a case that joe biden does have issues why was his son picked up on the board? so house democrats are trying to explain that spirit does
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this make you think a little bit. >> but somehow they argue the fact but biden who said publicly he had no authority over it that was good somehow but then to change ambassadors that just makes no sense. >> have you heard anything? >> that's when it start. the house democrats have today and tomorrow. >> i thought this took a very
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interesting turn the house managers went through a very detailed discussion of burisma and biden which has been proven to be a major error they made a series of statements of the state of the investigation into burisma i think i member of those statements are factually tenuous to put it mildly and also how central the biden's are to their argument. they are really central and how important it is for them senator biden not be involved with any correction of burisma but they have the strange effect of arguing in the midst of their statements on the floor first of all that viktor shokin was to miss - - dismissed was not investigated enough but then of course then
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argued president trump was called to call for an investigation so either i was a source of corruption and needed to be investigated or it wasn't in the house managers try to have it both ways actually there was a problem in viktor shokin should be investigating it but nobody should now or later that's very problematic for them and want to see how they try to get out of it and the statements that they made about the factual details viktor shokin will be challenged a very surprised they made biden so central to this presentation to insist over and over they know facts about the details going on with burisma and biden i will say we will call witnesses now we must call on biden. based on the house managers presentation today i think we need to hear from the former
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vice president. >> do you believe that it is abuse of power? >> that's an interesting point it is an academic discussion that this abuse of power and the label going on but what is unique is there are no actual crimes that have been alleged in the impeachment articles so this is the first in american history and if you listen to the presentation interestingly with the bribery at the top of the presentation but they don't charge bribery because there is no evidence of it. >> it sounds to me i don't know what that would look like here we don't have any allegations of any specific behavior that there is a crime or abuse of power refers to a particular set of crime or
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factual circumstances we just don't have that it's not alleged. >> [inaudible] >> i thought lindsay looked a lot younger. anybody else? >> the senate impeachment trial continues friday 1:00 o'clock p.m. eastern as house managers continue to present their case against the president. watch live on c-span2 on demand at and listen on the free c-span radio app
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>> the senate gavel back in after hearing opening statements were house managers have up to 24 hours over three days to make his opening remarks. thursday was day number two and managers have already used almost 15 hours so about nine hours remain